Progressive Directory

INTRODUCTION (click here)
Welcome to The People United’s Progressive Directory.

We intend this Directory to be an instrument for strengthening the progressive movement, as we understand and express it in TPU’s platform goals.

The Directory provides a means for progressive organizations and groups who share geography and-or objectives to find, communicate, support, and work with each other. We also encourage groups listed to communicate, join and insofar as possible, work with The People United.

Groups and organizations in the Directory include:

(a) Groups with which TPU members have direct experience.

(b) Groups who by their history, actions and members we believe demonstrate our shared values.

(c) Groups we have found through online research indicating the groups self-identify as progressives, and articulate and/or practice many shared values. We are taking a big tent approach of inclusion.

We hope to connect with all groups listed, particularly those in (c), to learn more.

Please note: the development and purposes of this Directory are distinct from an endorsement process. The TPU Directory is a living document, and we welcome and encourage comments, suggested additions and corrections.

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