Washington State Progressive Caucus


Together, our collective voice can influence the Democratic Party as well as local, state and federal legislation through action, education, community building and endorsements.

There are several ways to get involved with the Progressive Caucus. All around the state people are joining us and volunteering. You can:

We look forward to hearing from and working with you.You can join the Washington State Progressive Caucus by making a $20.00 donation here or you can mail your check or money order (payable to Washington State Progressive Caucus) to WSPC, c/o Justin Baird, 621 W Nickerson St #3, Seattle WA 98119.

We rely on our members’ dues and additional donations to support progressive candidates and issues. Our standard yearly dues are only $20.00, but acknowledging that many of us are experiencing financial difficulty, you may request a waiver of part or all of this amount. You may click here to donate or here to request a dues waiver. If you are sending your membership waiver request via snail mail, please include the amount you are able to donate.

In order to be able to vote to endorse progressive candidates at our June 15 meeting, you will need you will need to join or renew by today! Thank you for helping us elect progressives and support progressive causes here in Washington state



Contact Name: Keoki Kauanoe, Chair
Email: chair@waprogressives.org
Website Facebook
HQ Address
State: WA
City: Seattle
  c/o Justin Baird
  621 W Nickerson St #3
Zipcode: 98119