Virginia Progressive Leadership Project


Since 2015, VAPLP has graduated over 50 leaders from across the Commonwealth. All of our alumni complete our program with a renewed and strategic commitment to continuing to build a better Virginia. 

The Virginia Progressive Leadership Project is designed to support experienced leaders from a variety of spaces: Grassroots activists on the ground in their communities, organizers leading nonprofit issue campaigns, union members and leaders, advocates who have started their own non-profit, leaders within community organizations., Super-Volunteers and organizers for political campaigns and PTA-leaders.

Women are often vastly under-represented in leadership positions, we are committed to closing the gap by supporting women leaders. 

People of color make up over thirty-percent of  Virginia’s population, we believe leadership at all levels in the Commonwealth should reflect the growing diversity of our state.

Diversity is not limited to race and gender. We believe leadership should reflect a diversity of experiences, sexual orientations, gender identity and expression, class, education levels, abilities, geographic locations, and origins. Our goal is for leadership in Virginia to reflect the full diversity of the people who live here. 




Contact Name: Tierra Ragland, Director
Phone: 434-989-5356
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HQ Address
State: VA
City: Richmond
  409 E. Main Street Suite 209
Zipcode: 23219