Vermont Progressive Party


RACIAL JUSTICE: We will proactively work to eliminate institutionalized racism in our workforce, government, and law enforcement, and personal racial bias in ourselves.


GENDER EQUALITY: We will work to prevent discrimination and violence against women, including sexual harassment, abuse, workplace discrimination, and domestic violence, with a strong emphasis on promoting a culture of consent. We support equal rights for our LGBTQ community.


DISABILITY RIGHTS: We support the full inclusion and social support for people with intellectual, learning, emotional, and physical disabilities.


HUMAN RIGHTS: We believe it is the responsibility of government to respect, protect and fulfill the human rights of every person. We will preserve Vermont’s national leadership as champions of human rights. We will protect citizens from unconstitutional government intrusion; defend immigrants and refugees; support religious diversity; and oppose all limitations to an accepting and inclusive society.

PUBLIC SAFETY: We are committed to investing in public safety, with an emphasis on prevention and rehabilitation including for imprisoned populations. We support: fair sentencing and bail laws; a reduction in out-of-state incarceration; an end to the use of private and out-of-state prisons; strong safeguards against the disproportionately high incarceration rates of populations most vulnerable to discrimination; and a reduction of incarceration in general. We support strong restorative justice programs and the expansion of drug courts statewide.


GOVERNMENT REFORM: We believe in a fair, transparent, and accountable government. We insist on publicly-funded elections with comprehensive campaign finance laws. We believe that progress requires participation by people in our communities, workplaces, and schools, and will work to mobilize citizens at all levels during and between elections.


DIPLOMACY: Diplomacy is the bedrock of a peaceful society. We support our active and veteran military personnel, but do not support preemptive and aggressive military action.



We recognize that we are living in the wealthiest country in human history, yet so many have so little while a small handful of people have so much. The Progressive Party is the only major party that can credibly address the destructive effects of extreme wealth inequality. We are the only major party that refuses the culture and practice of corporate contributions in politics; we understand that working people are not fully represented in a society that accepts corporate personhood. We recognize that the economic challenges we face as Vermonters can differ between diverse communities and regions. We believe the economy should be democratically owned and controlled in order to serve the needs of the many, not to make profits for the few.


TAXES: We believe Vermont needs a progressive tax system where wealthier Vermonters pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than low to moderate income Vermonters. We believe in reducing our reliance on property and other regressive taxes.


HEALTHCARE: We understand that, for many, healthcare is an economic issue, and believe that healthcare should be viewed as a public good and not a commodity. As such, we support universal, single-payer, prenatal-to-death healthcare provided through a not-for-profit, publicly financed system, with access to prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, hearing care, and mental health services.


EDUCATION: We understand that education is an economic issue. We believe that a strong and equitable Pre-k to 12 public education system funded with a progressive tax structure, and tuition-free public post-secondary education is an essential foundation to foster civic participation in a democratic society and a more equitable economy. We believe in local empowerment, supporting our teachers, and fostering lifelong learners and community members with a bias-free curriculum.


HOUSING: We believe a safe, stable, and affordable housing is the right of every Vermonter and will work to end homelessness and housing shortages by supporting an increase in public resources to create safe, stable and affordable housing, including rent and capitol subsidies and supportive services.


INFRASTRUCTURE: We believe Vermont needs to invest in improving our existing transportation infrastructure and develop and increase access to sustainable alternative and public mass transportation. Drinking and wastewater systems need updating and should not be privatized. We support the continued expansion of high speed internet and cell phone coverage throughout Vermont.


ECONOMY: Local businesses are a cornerstone of our Vermont communities. We believe in a strong, social, local economy and local investments. We also believe in livable wages, the right to unionize, and the empowerment of low income Vermonters. A healthy economy is an economy that works for everyone, helping to meet everyone’s basic needs.



Ecology is the bedrock of our society, including our health, quality of life, and economy. As Progressives, we inherently work to safeguard this foundation, yet understand that there will be limited meaningful progress in addressing climate change and environmental degradation without simultaneous progress in the areas of social and economic justice.


CLIMATE CHANGE: We believe in doing everything in our power to address, mitigate, and even reverse human induced climate change.


NATURAL RESOURCES: We believe that protecting the environment contributes to a healthy and vibrant economy: we support sustainable, green industries that protect Vermont’s natural beauty and resources, contribute to the greater good, and improve our soils. We support strong land-use planning, wildlife management and conservation, restoring our waterways, and the sustainable use of natural resources.


ENERGY: We support sustainable alternatives to carbon-based energy. We believe Vermont should be powered with safe, clean, renewable, and publicly and locally owned energy resources and utilities. We support investments and job development in energy conservation and weatherization programs


AGRICULTURE: We support diversified, sustainable and locally based agriculture. We support farmers markets, farm-to-table, and farm-to-school to ensure that all Vermonters have access to quality, healthy, and sustainably grown food.



Contact Name: Josh Wronski, Executive Director
Phone: 802-229-0800
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