Urban Justice Center


Our 12 Projects assist clients on numerous levels, from one-on-one legal advice in soup kitchens, to filing class action lawsuits to bring about systemic change, to pushing social justice legislation forward.

Our staff is an interdisciplinary team of lawyers, social workers, and advocates who come from a variety of diverse backgrounds, but who share a common commitment to finding innovative solutions to the problems of poor and vulnerable people.

We have adopted a unique organizational structure designed to capture the vibrant, entrepreneurial spirit of a small, grass-roots group within a more sizeable organization. Our staff is organized by project, with each project functioning independently under its own director. This allows for maximum flexibility to implement ideas creatively, rapidly, and effectively. At the same time, as part of the Urban Justice Center, everyone benefits from a shared infrastructure and mutually supportive community.

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Contact Name: Joe Hamid, Board Chair
Phone: 646-602-5600
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HQ Address
State: NY
City: New York
  40 Rector Street, 9th Fl
Zipcode: 10006