The Red Nation


We are a coalition of Native and non-Native activists, educators, students, and community organizers advocating Native liberation. We formed to address the marginalization and invisibility of Native struggles within mainstream social justice organizing, and to foreground the targeted destruction and violence towards Native life and land.

Areas of struggle

Indigeneity: We struggle for the defense and livelihood of Native peoples and lands. Indigeneity is a political condition that challenges the existence and domination of colonial nation-states.

Liberation: We struggle for the repatriation of Native lives and land. Liberation is not about ‘healing’ or ‘getting-over-it.’ It is a struggle for material and structural transformation.

Resistance: We continue the long history of Native anti-colonial resistance by reviving active resistance as fundamental to liberation.

Coalition: We mobilize for widespread action and community engagement for Native struggles for liberation.

Volunteer run.  Donations welcomed.

American tribal nations' rights


Contact Name: Nick Estes, Co-Founder
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