Progressive Independent Party


  • We are building a coalition-based progressive party with the mission to support Progressives into office and to ultimately pass progressive legislation.

    Get Money Out of Politics and End Corporate Rule! We demand a constitutional amendment be passed to abolish ALL “corporate constitutional rights” and “money equals free speech” that leaves for NO loopholes.

  • End Too Big to Fail! Break up the big banks at the heart of the 2008 financial crisis and stop manipulation of wealth before the next economic collapse.
  • Electoral Reform and Integrity! We call for a universal Right to Vote, a Ranked-Voting System, and automatic voter registration.
  • End the Electoral College and partisan gerrymandering of voting districts.
  • NO Permanent War! We call for an immediate end to the bombing of foreign nations, military bases occupying foreign soil, massive U.S. military spending, and the U.S. role as leading arms dealer to the world.
  • NO Mass Deportations! We reject Trump’s current plan to deport 3 million people and call for mass resistance against all attacks upon immigrants, refugees, and their families at local, state, and federal levels.
  • Stop ALL Attacks on Human Rights! Bring an end to all forms of discrimination and oppression against women, Black and indigenous communities of color, Latinx communities, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ+ people, and disabled individuals.
  • Black Lives Matter! Engage in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives to end institutional racism and police brutality. Acknowledge the value of BLM’s principles to guide law enforcement practices and affirm the demands of their platform.  End federal funding for police militarization and the racist war on drugs.
  • Honor Treaty Rights for ALL Indigenous First Nations. Cease construction on the DAPL pipeline at Standing Rock and prohibit any further industrial operations on treaty-protected indigenous lands!
  • Healthcare is a Human Right! We demand Medicare for All and to pass the Disability Integration Act.  
  • A Green New Deal, with massive investments in renewable energy and infrastructure to create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs.
  • ACT Against Climate Change! Halt all construction of new oil pipelines and coal terminals, and place a moratorium on fossil fuel extraction including fracking. We demand a just transition for all energy industry workers.
  • Free College Education and the Cancellation of Student Debt.
  • End the surveillance state!
  • Grant immediate pardons for all political prisoners and exiles including Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Mumia Abu-Jahmal, and Leonard Peltier.
  • Pass a federal $15/hour minimum wage.


Contact Name: Robbie Ballard
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