Better Georgia


These are just a few of the big issues we tackle every day:

Quality of Life

Access to a quality education, accessible health care, a clean environment and safe public spaces are all necessary ingredients for a happy, healthy life.

Better Georgia will continue to insist that our lawmakers fully fund K-12 education and restore the HOPE Scholarship to its former glory. Every Georgia student — regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic status — deserves access to a quality, affordable education that will get them ready for the workforce and prepare them for life.

We’ll also continue to fight for accessible, affordable healthcare in Georgia. In the richest country in the world, being able to see a doctor should be a right for everyone — not just those who can afford it.

Georgia is in dire need of serious environmental reform. Better Georgia will continue to push for clean air and water, using sustainable energy sources, funding alternative transit options and fighting against environmentally responsible corporations and legislators.

We all deserve to be able to walk out of our homes without fear of becoming another victim of gun violence. Our organization will continue to push for common-sense gun legislation that includes universal background checks, banning high-magazine assault weapons and ending the gun show loophole.


Every Georgian — regardless of race, color, gender, religion, sexual identity or nationality —  deserves to be treated fairly and with respect. Period.

We will continue to fight against the Right’s goal of turning the clocks back to the pre-Civil Rights era. We must protect all Georgians’ sacred right to vote and participate in the democratic process.

We’ll stand united against systemic discrimination, bigotry and xenophobia and support policies that give everyone the opportunity to succeed.

Economic Justice

Equal pay for equal work. A living wage for all Georgians. Ending workplace discrimination. Paid family and medical leave. Attracting quality jobs and investing in the necessary education to close Georgia’s skills gap.

Better Georgia will continue fighting for fair, progressive policies in order to create an economy that works for everyone.

Government Accountability

When our elected officials fail to serve their constituents with honesty and integrity, it becomes our duty to remind them that Georgia voters put them in office and it’s Georgia voters who can vote them out. Ethics is a non-partisan issue and Better Georgia is here to hold all politicians — regardless of party or political leanings — accountable to the public.

Better Georgia’s mission to fight for policies and leaders that will help everyday Georgians only works when voters participate. We know that when progressives work together and stand up for what we know is right, we will continue to move our state forward. 



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