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ProgressNow affiliates serve as non-stop, multi-issue advocacy organizations. Year-round, we promote progressive ideas and causes with creative earned media strategies, targeted email campaigns, and cutting-edge new media. Working with our allies, we have significantly improved the communications effort of the progressive community in our states.

We’ve built an email list that exceeds 2.9 million people, our social media reaches over 6 million progressives every month, and in 2017 we generated 28,859 news stories in local, state and national press.  Nonprofit.

AZ: ProgressNow AZ
CA: Courage Campaign
CO: ProgressNow Colorado
FL: Progress Florida
GA: Better Georgia
ID: Better Idaho
IA: Progress Iowa
MD: Our Maryland
MI: Progress Michigan
MN: Alliance for a Better Minnesota (ABM)
NC: ProgressNow North Carolina
NH: Granite State Progress
NM: ProgressNow New Mexico
NV: Battle Born Progress
OH: ProgressOhio
PA: Keystone Progress
TX: Progress Texas
UT: Alliance for a Better Utah
VA: Progress Virginia
WA: Fuse Washington
WI: One Wisconsin Now (OWN)



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Better Georgia
Keystone Progress
Progress Florida
Progress Michigan
Progress Now Colorado
Progress Now New Mexico
Progress Texas
Progress Virginia