Peace Action


Peace Action advocates for a foreign policy that embodies the best values of the American people. By mobilizing diverse constituencies though grassroots action we work to:

Achieve a world free of nuclear weapons in the future while stopping the development, testing, spread and use of those weapons today;
Promote resolution of international conflicts through cooperation and diplomacy;
Advance national spending priorities that meet the nation’s real security and domestic needs;

Protect human rights around the world by controlling the global trade in lethal weapons;

  • Ensure no one is denied the opportunity to participate in making decisions that affect the common good.

If we want to address problems like war, the nuclear threat, poverty, global warming, terrorism – the U.S. needs to work together, cooperatively, with other nations. It also means overcoming the partisan politics and divisive rhetoric that often drown out alternatives to war. By getting regular Americans involved, we build the political will needed to break through that deadlock. Our success comes from engaging average citizens in foreign policy issues like no other organization.



Contact Name: Kevin Martin, President
Phone: 951-217-7285
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State: MD
City: Silver Spring
  Montgomery Center, 8630 Fenton Street, Suite 524
Zipcode: 20910
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