Our Shot


Our Shot NC is raising money to support progressive candidates with early seed money so that their campaigns can organize and can hit the ground running. For some qualified candidates, lack of financial support early on is the difference between success and failure of a campaign.

We are focusing on the House with the attainable goal of flipping four additional seats. This is the most efficient way to break the GOP supermajority, restore veto power to our governor and encourage bipartisan cooperation.

 We are constituents, concerned citizens that want to see a fair North Carolina, a better North Carolina.  Like, you, we have been horrified as we have watched legislation being enacted by extremist politicians, that doesn’t benefit their constituents, nor our state.  We decided to take action by founding Our Shot NC and fundraising for good candidates in need of your support.

Will you join us?  There is a  Contact Form at their Donate tab.


The Pipeline Project is the NCDP’s initiative focused on building North Carolina’s bench through recruiting, training, and supporting candidates for the upcoming election.

FLIP NC is an Indivisible group taking targeted, evidence-based analysis to identify the most flippable NC House districts with the goal of breaking the supermajority in the NC House.   



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