Organize, Plan, Act


Why are we here?

To SUPPORT civil disobedience, political activism, and coalition building to advance progressive causes.

To RESIST the most radical right wing government this country has ever seen using our Constitutionally mandated right of free expression.

To OPPOSE racism, blind nationalism, misogyny, homophobia, kleptocracy, anti-constitutionalism, economic inequality, anti-environmentalism, voter suppression, science denial, and use of religion to suppress the rights of others.

To PROMOTE universal enfranchisement, tolerance, secularism, reproductive rights, consumer protection, preservation of our national parks and natural resources, clean renewable energy, and recognition of our common humanity beyond our immediate circles.

To DEVELOP strategies that we can implement together or individually.

To IDENTIFY effective like-minded organizations to amplify our power and message.

HOW DO WE ACCOMPLISH THIS? It can be overwhelming. Take a step back. Figure out what you are good at and find ways to focus that on one issue that is important to you. STAY INFORMED!

DO JUST ONE THING. That will be different for different people. Try to do at least one thing every day. Call a representative, attend a meeting or a protest, write a letter to the editor, reach out to someone in need.

anti bigotry
civil liberties
criminal justice
economic justice
environment / climate crisis
fair democracy
reproductive choice