New York Progressive Action Network



We are a progressive organization. As progressives, we hold that all people have the right to live in a safe, just, and sustainable world.

To be safe, we must strive for peace—globally, nationally, and within our own communities and homes.

To be just, we must strive for not only legal justice but also racial, social, economic, and environmental justice.

To be sustainable, we must create long-term solutions that take into account how issues connect with each other, and we must work to solve problems by addressing underlying causes.


NYPAN is a community-based, mass organization that is run democratically by the grassroots chapters and affiliates that compose it. NYPAN draws representation and leadership from the communities it serves.

NYPAN mobilizes citizens and advocates for, and defends, the well-being of the people within its communities.

NYPAN welcomes affiliation with like-minded organizations, and seeks to create both formal and informal coalitions, in order to effect progressive change.

Where appropriate, NYPAN will endorse candidates for local, state, and federal offices who advocate for and support a progressive agenda as defined by its Vision.

NYPAN seeks to facilitate constructive dialogue in order to promote progressive unity.

NYPAN centralizes communication and provides organizational, financial, and legal infrastructure for its affiliated chapters.

Takes donations.  Tax status not indicated at site.



Contact Name: Traci Strickland, Co-Chair
Phone: 929-430-5623
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HQ Address
State: NY
City: New York
  225 Broadway
Zipcode: 10007
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