New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico


On November 8, 2016, the NPP’s gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló beat the PDP’s (Popular Democatic Party) candidate, former Secretary of State David Bernier, to become the Governor of Puerto Rico. In the same election, Jenniffer González became the new, and first female, Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico. The New Progressive Party became the majority in the Legislative Assembly by winning 21 seats of the Senate and 34 seats of the House of Representatives. However, the PDP retained a majority of the mayoralty races in the island, with a total of 45 out of 78 municipalities. The New Progressive Party (PNP) won a total of 33

Three NPP gubernatorial candidates registered nationally as Republicans (Luis A. Ferré, Baltasar Corrada and Luis G. Fortuño) while four NPP gubernatorial candidates registered nationally as Democrats (Carlos Romero Barceló, Carlos Pesquera, Pedro Rosselló and Ricardo Rosselló). Fortuño caucused with the Republicans when he was in Congress and serves as Puerto Rico’s Republican National Committeeman while Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi is a Democrat. When Fortuño was governor, his top administration officials were also split in national politics. His last chief of staff, Miguel Romero, and his Secretary of State (and first in line of succession), Kenneth McClintock, are Democrats, while his last Attorney General Guillermo Somoza is a Republican. House NPP Leader Jenniffer González and Senate Minority Leader Larry Seilhamer are Republicans



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