Movement for the 99%


Movement for the 99% (M99) was launched by socialist City Councilmember Kshama Sawant as a solidarity campaign dedicated to building and supporting movements that fight racism, sexism, environmental destruction, and for workers rights.

Since the election of Trump, M99 has been on the forefront of building the resistance movement to Trump.  Within 24 hours of Trump being elected, M99 with our partners in Socialist Students and Socialist Alternative organized protests across the country of 50,000 people.  On Trump’s inauguration day, M99 with Socialist Students organized tremendously successful student walkouts and demonstrations in over 16 cities and in collaboration with our sister organizations in at least 45 countries. While M99 does have activists throughout the country, our main contribution is to provide financial support to movements of, for, and by the 99%.  M99 is also dedicated to furthering the call and development of a new party of the 99%.