Missouri Progressive Action Group


In early 2011, a group of St. Louis area progressives met to establish a network of activists anxious to influence public debate about issues of vital importance to Missouri and the nation. Progressives traditionally have worked on behalf of the members of society with the least power and influence. At various times in American history, circumstances have led to a concentration of wealth and poltical power in the hands of a very few individuals and corporations. It is during those times when progressives must pull the country back to a more democratic representation in the political process. This is one of those times. Working and middle class families have been losing ground for over two decades while more and more wealth has shifted up the income scale. Power is never given up voluntarily. There is much work to be done.

The purpose of the organization is to educate members and engage them in actions that will strengthen the voice of working and middle class families in public discourse and decision making. To accomplish these goals, the members focus will be on the following specific strategies:

  • sharing progressive values with voters and candidates for office
  • providing elected officials with information in support of progressive goals
  • providing issue talking points and other tools for messaging
  • establishing and coordinating a coalition effort with other progressive organizations

If you’re tired of playing defense with right wingers out to destroy America’s economy and middle class, you’ve come to the right place.

Join us as we organize and energize  progressive-thinking Missourians.

Meets 1st Saturday of each month at 1:30pm.

To submit articles/links for posting, send to steveandjanereed@gmail.com



Contact Name: Steve Reed, Chair
Email: information@mopag.info
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