Inside the Climate Crisis: Science Solutions and Scoundrels


This crisis impacts us all, whether we like it or not. It is vital that everyone on Earth know why it’s happening, who’s responsible, and what we can do to stop it. To properly take on the climate crisis, we need to be educated, empowered and united. That starts here.

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Group Rules from the Admins


Be Respectful

We’re not just trying to create a clean environment, we want to create a tolerant one. That means being respectful, even in disagreement. Passionate discussion is encouraged. Name calling is not.


Questions Welcome. Deniers Prohibited.

The fossil fuel industry has poured billions into propaganda to mislead the world on this issue. So we welcome questions. But those here to troll or deliberately spread misinformation will be removed.


Member-Submitted Posts

Information overload can be overwhelming. For that reason we have committed to only covering and highlighting the most important climate change stories and publishing just a few member posts each day.


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We’re relying on you to spread awareness of the climate crisis far and wide. If you think this group is valuable, please share our content and invite your friends to join.