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We work with journalists and media outlets to shine a spotlight on stories that are vital to the public interest, using multiple media formats and distribution channels.

For more than three decades, the Independent Media Institute has served the public through the creation and distribution of content about political and social issues. In 1998, IMI founded AlterNet, an award-winning news website that published original reporting by independent investigative journalists, syndicated a broad range of partner publications and reached diverse audiences for more than 20 years, reaching a peak of an average of 6.5 million unique monthly visitors in 2016, and publishing 1,000 articles a month. 

In early 2018, IMI transferred AlterNet to new ownership, allowing IMI to re-focus its work on creating and distributing original, thoughtful explorations of social justice and public interest issues. A selection of our current content continues to publish on AlterNet, in partnership with the new owners. Through both its own reporting and via programs and partnerships with other organizations, IMI continues its pursuit of excellence and social impact in media.

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Contact Name: Jan Frel, Executive Director
Phone: 212-627-9585