Faith in New York


Faith in New York’s mission is to develop grassroots leaders and equip congregations to move significant public policy change that supports our leaders’ vision of a more just New York with excellent public schools, violence-free neighborhoods, access to good jobs, adequate and affordable health care, decent housing for all, and a place where people of all backgrounds can fully participate in economic and civic life. Faith in New York operates in low income, working class communities that are 70% immigrant and over 85% people of color.

Our Mission: To activate the voices of New Yorkers of faith by building, training, and supporting grassroots congregational-based teams of congregants across the city who identify, advocate, and organize New Yorkers around issues, policies, and elections that affect our communities, neighborhoods, and city.

Our Vision: To build the Beloved City here in New York City by bringing together a multi-faith, multi-issue, multi-neighborhood base of members who ensure that New York City remains a place of sanctuary for all, regardless of race, class, age, or other identity.

Our Theory of Change: We believe that when people of faith come together in teams in our houses of worship to dream, discern, learn, and act together, prophetic change happens.

We believe that powerful relationships – with clergy, congregants, and community members and groups – drive our work, and that is through those relationships that we change policy, build power, listen deeply to each other, and bring forth the divine.

Our Areas of Work:

  • Climate Justice
  • Economic Dignity
  • Hurricane Sandy Recovery
  • Immigrant Justice
  • Live Free
  • Women’s Theology of Liberation


Contact Name: Brian Ellis-Gibbs, Interim Executive Director
Phone: 718-426-6564
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HQ Address
State: NY
City: Corona
  103-04 39th Ave, Ste 105
Zipcode: 11368
Parent organization
Faith in Action