CT Progressives


We started as the FB Page known as Bernie Sanders Connecticut Progressives in early 2015. When Bernie’s candidacy came to an end in 2016, we decided to continue to champion the causes of social democracy, human rights, antimilitarism, ecological sanity, and social and economic equality as best we could from our vantage point as common citizens in Southern New England. The issues raised here go beyond partisan politics. We are talking about and advocating for human rights, human dignity, sexual and racial equality, the continuation of Mother Earth as our beautiful home, and freedom of the whole human race from the horrors of war and economic deprivation. We freely criticize both the Republican and Democratic Parties, organized religion and all of the other groups and viewpoints that hold us back from achieving our common human vision of progress, freedom and working together for the common good. Feel free to agree or disagree with us. 



Email: info@connecticutprogressives.com
Phone: 860-698-1941
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