Blue Oklahoma


Blue Oklahoma has been a part of the Oklahoma political blogging scene since 2006, when it was founded by former news reporter and OCU professor Kurt Hochenauer. At that time, there was an effort to get a “blue” or left-leaning Democratic community blog in each state, and Blue Oklahoma remains a fixture in that loose network of sites. It originally began as a progressive, diary-like site with a handful of contributors, though through the years, Kurt’s writings on Oklahoma politics, media and activism was the primary content, and frequently mirrored his award-winning blog, Okie Funk.

With Kurt’s retirement and move to California in 2017, Blue Oklahoma was picked up by Rena Guay, aka Serena Blaiz, with a push to involve more contributors representing Democrats from all parts of the state, and to publish independent critical analysis about our state’s politics, friendly criticism of the Democratic Party and reports about Democratic candidates and progressive issue campaigns.



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