Arkansas Citizens First Congress


Coalition members come from all corners of the state and work on many different issues. At the Arkansas Legislature, the coalition members lobby together on a common agenda. They also watchdog the legislature, and lobby against threats to progressive policy. The Arkansas Citizens First Congress has lobbied lawmakers at the Arkansas Legislature since 1999.


The Arkansas Citizens First Congress believes in the power of grassroots organizations to expand opportunities and improve the quality of life for everyone in Arkansas.  The CFC values a representative government that is transparent, accountable, responsive, and inclusive.


The Arkansas Citizens First Congress envisions a united community working together on many interconnected issues to ensure fairness and expand opportunities in a policy-making process where the voices of all Arkansans are heard.


The Arkansas Citizens First Congress is a coalition of grassroots communities and allies working together to establish a strong public voice to influence political and policy decisions and ensure accountability.

Ten Priorities for a Better Arkansas

• Improve opportunities to learn for all students with research-proven education reforms.

• Support a sound budget by opposing upper income tax cuts, promoting corporations paying their fair share, supporting tax relief for the poor, and continuing to expand access to quality health care.

• Support energy efficiency and renewable energy reforms that reduce carbon pollution, save consumers money and create jobs.

• Decarcerate Arkansas, curbing the extreme growth of Arkansas’ prison population which disproportionately affects people of color, the poor, people with mental illnesses, and other minority groups.

• Implement the new Arkansas State Water Plan and protect water quantity, quality and aquatic environments.

• Support fair residential landlord-tenant laws.

• Create juvenile diversion programs to help at-risk youth.

• Upgrade Arkansas’ voter registration system to create greater accessibility.

• Fight to deter wage theft.

• Create a system that promotes educational equity and professional licensure for ALL Arkansans.



Phone: 501-376-7913
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HQ Address
State: AR
City: Little Rock
  1308 Second Street
Zipcode: 72201