Activate Iowa


Whether you’re looking to educate yourself online, participate in a group, or march at a local demonstration, Activate Iowa will help you find the people, information and organizations to activate yourself and others. Use this site to get involved and make a difference!

Please take a look at our Organizations page and let us know if there are any groups we’ve forgotten! Take a look at upcoming events and feel free to add an event. Send suggestions to:  Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible and develop a wide net. We are not here to make judgements or endorse candidates. We will leave that to you. Our goal is to pass along information that is comprehensive and current.

If you enjoy fiddling around on the web and would like to make a difference from your home, Activate Iowa may be the volunteer work you’ve been looking for!  If you think you might like to help us out, please let us know!



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