100 Grannies


We are doing important work.  We are standing up to a fossil fuel industry that will not admit its days should be over for the good of this planet.  In the meantime we are also taking back our democracy.  Our voices are being heard.  Our action is being felt.  And we invite everyone, not only grandparents, to get in on a piece of the action so that we can turn this ship around in time.

Go Grannies!  Educate, Advocate, Agitate.

Membership dues, $10 per year.

Volunteers form Chapters, which form teams, for accomplishing the mission of 100 Grannies.   Detailed info provided at website.

environment / climate crisis


Email: 100granniesiowacity@gmail.com
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HQ Address
State: IA
City: Iowa City
  PO Box 1422,
Zipcode: 52244-1422