Join Us

The People United is made up of volunteers of numerous and diverse backgrounds united by our commitment to a set values - namely social, economic, environmental and racial justice - which were at the core of the 2016 Presidential Campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders demonstrates it is not only possible, but essential to work with people whose ideologies and personalities differ from our own in order to achieve real, positive change that reflects our shared values. We know the alternative is gridlock and dysfunction. We believe TPU will be a positive force in driving the political discourse and direction of our society. To that end, we agree to make every effort to work together under the following terms:
  • We will work together toward a common goal.
  • We accept differences of personality and opinion.
  • We agree to treat one another with respect.
  • When making observations, we will try to remain objective.
  • When debating, we will not let our differences of opinion over policy or strategy descend into personal attacks.
  • We do not condone bullying or harassment, and will actively take steps to mitigate either should they occur.
  • We will undertake all administrative and organizational decisions as a group, according to the procedures outlined in this document.
  • We will work together to find equitable solutions to any issues which may arise.
  • In our interactions with one another, and with the wider public, we will act in a way that adheres to the moral and philosophical values of our group.
  • We trust one another to abide by these guidelines and act in the group's best interest.
  • We are aware of our own limitations, and if we have been given a task which we are unable to complete, we will seek out assistance.
  • We value and encourage feedback, and will not retaliate against those who give it.
We will also be guided by the Bylaws of The People United, which we invite and encourage you to review.