The People United

Volunteers changing the world through progressive education, activism and civic engagement.

About Us


We, The People United, are volunteers and activists committed to working with each other and other groups who share our intent to create a more equitable, just, and secure democracy for all people of the United States, and to foster a prosperous planet through peaceful and democratic means.

We express TPU’s values through our goals, and aim to achieve them through activism, education and civic engagement.

» A national, publicly-funded health insurance system that guarantees paid healthcare for all
 » Protect Medicare, Medicaid, SS, SSI and SSDI from cuts in terms of the population they cover and value of benefits, at the national, state and local levels
» Ensuring a clean and sustainable planet for all earth's species
» Get big money out of politics and ensure all Americans have a voice in our elections
» Protect civil liberties, including growth of a diverse and independent media
» Engage in proactive international diplomacy to promote human rights, and utilize force only as a last resort
» Reform our broken criminal justice system to create one which serves and defends the legal rights of all residents of the United States
» Provide a quality public education for everyone from kindergarten through post-secondary education
» Create an equitable, inclusive and resilient economy that works for all, not just big business and the 1%.
» Create and implement a fair and humane immigration policy
» Honor the rights of America's indigenous people, including treaty obligations of the United States with tribal nations.
» Honor and provide care for our veterans
» Implement legislation and programs that better protect our communities from violence while respecting constitutional rights
» Defend every woman's right to choose and access to affordable, quality reproductive healthcare
» Oppose all forms of bigotry and discrimination, and protect and expand the rights of all marginalized groups as provided by the US Constitution

In our work, we'll develop and support policies that can be proposed and enacted legally, such as ballot initiatives and propositions, at the local, state and national level, and projects agreed on and undertaken by members of The People United.

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